Creative Design Concepts, Inc. is a construction company that specializes in concrete and permanent roadway signage.


CDC uses a Gomaco slip-form paver to pave flat areas up to 5’ wide by any length required. Ditch paving is utilized for wire-rope safety fence, drainage control, etc. In addition to flatwork, the Gomaco also allows Creative Design Concepts to slip-form integral concrete curb and gutter.

Permanent Roadway Signage

Experienced crews and specialty equipment allow CDC to erect large overhead guide signs and structures quickly and efficiently with minimal impact to traffic. Everything from the footer, structure, and signage are provided and installed according to plans and specifications.

Pre-Cast Barrier Wall

CDC owns three specially equipped trailers to place and relocate sections of pre-cast concrete barrier wall in a quick and efficient manner. With barrier wall strategically staged throughout the state of Arkansas, CDC can mobilize and be ready to set wall on relatively short notice.

Interstate Signways – Large guide sign delivery system

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